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Search the online database of Loranger burn-in and test sockets. Also, socket and printed circuit board footprint PDF drawings are available upon request.

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About Us

Loranger International Corporation supports the electronic burn-in and test industry. We design and manufacture sockets, printed circuit boards and environmental chamber systems. We’re a part of space exploration, defense, guidance, automotive, music, and communication.

Our goal is to manufacture sockets that will endure extreme cold and extreme heat while making robust and accurate electrical connections. For decades, governments and companies have relied on Loranger International Corporation for reliable and long lasting burn-in and test equipment.

Contact Us

Loranger International, Inc.
817 Fourth Ave.
Warren, PA 16365
303 Brokaw Road
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Asia and North America West: (408) 727-4234
Europe and North America East: (814) 723-2250